Octagon to turn Purple thanks to Niki's Hero

Octagon to turn Purple thanks to Niki's Hero

When school worker Niki Brown had the idea to turn the Octagon Tower purple for raising awareness of Pancreatic Awareness in November, she never expected what was to come next after appealing to raise just £150 to buy the filters needed to make the event happen.

After turning to Spotted in Ely asking for help to promote her cause, out of the blue (or should I stay on topic and say purple) came Martin Diver who divvied up the cash there and then for the cause.
Martin who is a humble guy and self-employed with MJDiver Gas, Heating & Plumbing said, “I used to do lots of fundraising but have been busy lately but this cause is to good not to be involved with. I have no immediate connection with any who has suffered from this type of cancer but I know other family members who have. I will be happy to pay this fee every year on behalf of the cause”. He didn’t want the publicity for his act of kindness but Niki gently persuaded him.

img_9569Niki got the opportunity to meet her new hero and Tuesday and could not wait to offer him a big kiss and hug. “When Alison from Spotted in Ely told me of the comment on the thread, I couldn’t believe it. This means I can now raise more money in the many tins around Ely including Fencabs, A10 Taxis and Market Street Brasserie. I just want to say a big big thank you to Martin”. She is raising awareness because in just 8 weeks her brother was diagnosed and passed away with Pancreatic Cancer.
Her determination is not stopping in Ely, she plans next to approach Shire Hall in Cambridge and get both landmarks on the Purple Landmarks map which can be found at the “Purple Lights for Hope” website. http://www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk/purplelights. Niki also has more tins available to any business wishing to house one to raise funds directly to Pancreatic Awareness Charities.
The Octagon Tower will be purple from November 17th to November 21st.
What the Octagon Tower will look like

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