Pedestrians Are Given Priority As A New Zebra Crossing Opens On Cambridge Road In Ely

Ely residents no longer face long waits to cross Cambridge Road in Ely, thanks to a successful bid to Cambridgeshire County Council’s Local Highways Improvement scheme for a pedestrian crossing.  The new zebra crossing, which is due to open this week, is placed near the junctions of Barton Road and Tower Road, which is a heavily used crossing point for pedestrians coming from the west of the city to access the railway station and central Ely.
Anna Bailey, the County Councillor for Ely South & West made the successful application on behalf of Cambridge Road residents.  She said “Cambridge Road is one of the busiest streets in Ely and I am delighted to see the delivery of this much-needed crossing.  I would like to thank the City of Ely Council for their support and all the local residents that backed the bid.  I hope that the zebra crossing will encourage drivers to slow down and it should also improve visibility for cyclists and drivers turning right out of Barton Road as well as providing a safe crossing point for pedestrians.”  
Cllr Anna Bailey organised a petition to back the bid which was enthusiastically supported by over 100 residents of the Cambridge Road area; 100% of residents that were asked for their support signed the petition.  The bid was also backed by the then Mayor of Ely, Cllr Lis Every, and fellow Councillors at the City of Ely Council who also contributed funding.  Lucy Frazer MP, County and District Councillors, and Ely Police also supported the bid.
Anna Bailey added “Residents are hoping that the new crossing will give Cambridge Road more of a residential feel, and less of that of a big through road, and will encourage traffic to proceed at a more respectful pace.”
Press Release by Cllr Anna Bailey

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