Petition launched to save Minor Injuries Unit

Petition launched to save Minor Injuries Unit

A PETITION has been launched urging health bosses to reconsider secret plans to shut down Ely’s Minor Injuries Unit.
As reported here, a leaked document by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) recommends axing the unit, due to financial pressure.
Ely woman Emma Watson has launched a petition, calling on CHG petitioning clinical chair Gary Howsam to retain the “invaluable” service.

Emma Watson has launched a petition to save Ely’s Minor Injuries Unit from earmarked closure.

The petition states: “The Minor Injuries Unit, in Ely, provides an essential service to the residents of Ely and the surrounding area. I personally have had to use them several times. Every time, without fail, I have received prompt and top-quality care.
“In the light of Ely’s continued expansion, and increasing pressure on local doctor’s surgeries and Addenbrooke’s Hospital’s A&E Department, the service provided at the PoW is invaluable.
“I am certain there are many in the Ely area who would agree that removing this facility would make absolutely no sense whatsoever, unless the aim is to totally sabotage NHS emergency medical provision!! I believe that, if we collectively express this sentiment, it may help the CCG to appreciate how imperative it is that they retain Ely’s Minor Injuries Unit (and, hopefully those in Wisbech and Doddington, too).”
Speaking to Spotted in Ely, Ms Watson said she had used the unit several times and found the service “prompt and faultless” on every occasion.
“I had a large splinter under my nail once, and they were reassuring and speedy at getting it out. I went with folliculitis once and, again, speedy and super service.
“Most impressively, my cat scratched my eye one morning; by that evening, slightly blurry vision and concerned, so shot up there before teaching in the evening, with only half an hour to spare; unbelievably efficient – seen within five minutes, eye dyed and inspected, antibiotic drops issued, and sent on my merry way, all ready to teach!”
You can sign the petition here.

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