Police Listen to Public Concerns and Take Immediate Action about Parking

Cambridgeshire Police at Ely Station have been listening to the public over growing concern’s about parking in the area.
Yesterday they posted a Facebook status showing vehicles parked near to corners of a road at Witchford Village College and members of the public took to many social media outlets to express their concern which has led to at least 9 tickets being issued today (shown above).
Their post reads:
Responding to public frustrations voiced here and on our Twitter feed, PCSOs have engaged with parking enforcement activity in Ely today.
Every ticket is a £30 fine for the driver.
Offences include:
– causing obstructions,
– parking in restricted areas,
– incorrectly parking in a bay (those drivers who park across two bays or inconsiderately stick out),
– parking in a taxi rank, or
– parking without a disabled badge.

This activity is going to continue, and it’s an example of what you can expect to see around school premises at pick up and drop off time.


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