Post Office Move Under Consultation

Post Office Move Under Consultation

Post Office PosterThe Post Office announced some weeks ago that they plan to move from their temporary location at Newnham Street Car Park to Unit 2 of Central Hall on Market Street and now you can have your say in the matter.
Local consultations are under way and you can air you view on the matter at and enter the branch code: 164113. You have until September 17th to do so.
You can download the Proposal Letter:
A poster for the consultation is also available: and seen to the right.
Recently a road sign appeared in Ely for Newnham Street spelt incorrectly and now the Post Office are doing the same. Having spoken to them this morning, their system does say Newham Street and on further investigation with Royal Mail it seems the road name on their system has recently been changed to reflect the incorrect spelling of one of our busiest roads. The Post Office database appears to have not yet been updated however having now been in contact, these changes will be made very soon.
Maybe these changes have been made in light of the recent blunder and spotted by our eagle eyed followers.

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