Pots of Happiness

Pots of Happiness

Littleport is undergoing its very own Random Act of Kindness this morning as about 50 plants have been numbered and distributed around the village along with a message of happiness.

Many port residents have taken to the Facebook group “Littleport Notice Board” this morning to express their delight at finding one these plants including Donna who message said “Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt” which has been a much-used inspiration quote.
On the back of each of the messages, it says “A little gift from me to you…. Please take me home – I have a number under my pot. If you can please post your find on Social Media”
Other messages include, “Even the prettiest flower will die one day. It’s nature’s way of teaching us that nothing lasts forever” and “Let Your Dreams Blossom”.

Did you find a plant in Littleport this morning? We would love to see a photo.

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