Prince William lands air ambulance in Ely

Prince William lands air ambulance in Ely

As a teenager growing up in America, Kelli Ford used to have posters of Prince William hanging on her bedroom wall. This morning, she got to see her idol in the flesh – when the Duke of Cambridge and his colleagues at the East Anglian Air Ambulance attended a medical emergency in Ely.
The EAAA and East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust were called to an incident on West Fen Road at about 9am on Thursday (June 2).
A man in his 80s had suffered a “medical emergency”, according to EAAA, and was treated by Dr Danny Sharpe and critical-care paramedic Mark Milson.
The Anglia Two air ambulance, flown by the Duke, landed on a sports field by the Columbine Road play park.

Picture: Kelli Ford

Picture: Kelli Ford

Picture: Kelli Ford

Kelli said she got a phone call from a friend on Columbine Road at 9.40am, informing her that “Prince William had landed in a helicopter. I got dressed really quickly and got over there.”
She and about 30 other bystanders watched from a distance as the medics carried out their work.
After administering general anaesthetic and emergency care to the patient, the elderly man was taken by land ambulance to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Prince William joined EAAA last year as an ambulance pilot, covering Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Bedfordshire.
The former RAF helicopter pilot donates his salary to charity.
Kelly said: “Growing up in Arkansas I had never seen members of the Royal family before. Prince William was a teenage crush of mine. I had posters of him on my wall. Now I have a real picture of him.”
The Ely based mum described the Duke as “really nice” and incredibly humble.
“Like Diana before them, Prince William and Prince Harry don’t have to work for their money but they do. It speaks a lot of their characters.”
A history buff, Kelli said she was fascinated by the monarchy.

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