Privileged Access to Cineworld Ely

Privileged Access to Cineworld Ely

Members of the press have been granted access to the building site to be known as Cineworld Ely.

The building work is near complete and over the last few weeks decorating and installing the high-tech equipment has been underway. With health & safety in mind and once show the plans, we gained access to all areas of the building which will not be available to the public once opened.

The new complex has been somewhat of an experiment for the national chain in the way they have furnished the interior with creating auditoriums first and then public access to the building. Although the full details were not available it is thought Ely will become the benchmark for planned future builds of Cineworld around the UK.
The 155 seater “Auditorium 3” with 3 disabled seats and an observation room, allowing more room for disabled customers, is the third largest screen of the 6 being prepared. The seats are high back but don’t fold away making them more comfortable than other cinemas. The rise of seating has also been measured for every screen so that you don’t have to avoid the head of the person in front.
We were shown the projector, which to our surprise just looks like a giant computer with a tiny screen for operation and with a server unit below but generates so much heat that an extraction fan has to be attached.
Cineworld is extremely strict on their branding and the details certainly show as we walked around. The sparkly floor, the colour red and the shape of the star are fluid throughout the whole building.
Joined by the management of Cineworld, General Manager of Ely, Matt Shaw currently working at the Bury St Edmunds branch led the walk around and described in detail how he sees the branch working for the people of Ely. Matt also announced for special screenings including a Autism Friendly screening once a month.

When the complex opens, we are not yet privy to knowing what films will be shown first but films being released at around the time of opening are Alien: Covenant, King Arthur, Sleepless and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.
The excitement around the new leisure village has certainly sparked conversation and the public opening day for Ely is May 12th.

For those interested, the nerdy stuff:

Auditorium 1 – 246 seats & 3 disabled spaces
Auditorium 2 – 120 seats & 2 disabled spaces
Auditorium 3 – 155 seats & 3 disables spaces
Auditorium 4 – 130 seats & 3 disabled spaces
Auditorium 5 – 78 seats & 1 disabled space
Auditorium 6 – 225 seats & 3 disabled spaces
954 seats in total and 15 dedicated spaces to disabled plus the observation rooms.

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