Pumpkins V’s Dream Catchers

Pumpkins V’s Dream Catchers

Every year we all rush out to source the biggest and best pumpkin which we can find. Eagerly dreaming up new carving ideas. Our front of house becomes full of ghouls, demons, skeletons and monsters ready to pounce on any brave trick or treaters.

But is this festival for all……Not necessarily.
Many children enjoy the spooky going ons and relish the next jumpy moment.  Pushed on, by the lure of something sweet and nice.
But children are children, all individuals, with individual likes and dislikes.  It is this difference which make the children of the Littleport community so amazing, caring and each unique.
A proportion of these children, will not enjoy all the aspects of Halloween.  Some may not want to be involved at all.  Which you know what ? Is just fine.
Others may wish to celebrate, but in some other way.
Children come in all shapes and sizes.
Other children may have a disability, such as autism or Aspergers and a full on Halloween may not be the best way forward.  Changes of routine and the sudden presence of visual ghoulish dress up and of loud creepy noises etc. May not be the best. This is all dependent on the child of course.  All goes really and children should be able to have a good time however they spend Halloween.

So with this mind Julie and all, at the Littleport Vine Community Church. Held an amazing free, children’s ‘light’ event for Halloween.  An alternative type of party and fun. Local children, aged 5-10 were invited along to the church to enjoy an early evening of games, food, crafts, lights and music.
22 children enjoyed: star coaster making, sun-catchers, sweetie skewers.
The room was beautifully decorated with dim lights, fairy lights and LED balloons. Group party games were fun, followed by a picnic by lantern light.
A short talk on light and Jesus, alongside modelling balloons.
The party ended with a good old children’s knees up of dancing and each child was given their own memento from the light party of a helium LED balloon.
This is likely to be a recurring event.  So keep an eye out for it next year.

For more details about the Vine Community Church and all events.
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Maria x

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