The purrrr-fect welcome for Mr Sainsbury's – from Mr Sainsbury's!

The purrrr-fect welcome for Mr Sainsbury's – from Mr Sainsbury's!

Garfield’s “less than prrrrrr-fect” behaviour may have got earned him the equivalent of a cat ASBO from Ely’s Virgin Holiday store – but the new manager of Sainsbury’s was clearly thrilled to be greeted by the famous feline on his first day of the job.
A black cat crossing your path may be seen as lucky – but it’s nothing compared to an official welcome from a ginger tom – especially when you’re the new Mr Sainsbury’s being welcomed by the fluffy Mr Sainsbury’s!

Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield
Picture: Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield

Store manager Simon Cross took a mew-ment for a selfie with Garfield on his first day yesterday, clearly honoured to receive such a paw-sitive response from the much loved furry icon in the store car park.
Mr Cross posted on Garfield’s Facebook page: “My first day at Ely and this fella comes across to meet and greet…A nice welcome.”
Recently Garfield was banned from the Virgin Holidays store in the basement of Sainsbury’s following a complaint regarding an incident in which a little girl was scratched.
The ban has led to a massive outcry from Garfield fans, who see the decision as cat-astrophic. Some are asking Sainsbury’s to install a small sofa for the paw-some puss so he can continue to do what he does best – enjoy his celebrity status surrounded by his creature comforts.
Sainsbury’s staff are even looking into the catter – erm, matter – and seeing if they can assist in providing His Royal Garfieldness with a comfy mew – erm pew.
Spotted in Ely first broke the story about Garfield’s banishment from the Virgin store just over a week ago.
Since then the story has been picked up by numerous media, travelling as far as Guernsey and Glasgow!
Garfield has delighted children and adults alike with his presence at the store and has become a local celebrity, raising money for the Cats Protection League.

His Facebook page, Mr Sainsburys aka Garfield, has got over 4500 followers.
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