Quizmaster is a Community Star – Ian McKendrick

Quizmaster is a Community Star – Ian McKendrick

Ian McKendrick has been someone we have all known for many years. I first met him at Star Radio when he presented to Business Show on a Sunday with Mark Peters and he has always shown kindness and compassion to any guest, offering advice on a wide range of various topics from business to social media.

Quizmaster Ian McKendrick with Lola and Austen Dack who nominated him for the award

His run of good fortune sadly ended with a series of illnesses and minor heart attacks a few years ago and since then his life has calmed down from being someone who enjoyed the hustle and bustle of business life.

In recent years, Ian has found his enjoyment in a new friend Lola, a terrier who just adores him. He has also taken up digital art and more recently presenting quiz shows across various venues in Ely. The quiz themselves are not your traditional pub, pen and paper quizzes but require technology to run it through your smartphone, which means more questions, which in turns to more enjoyment of the experience.

These quiz shows bring so much enjoyment to 100’s of participants each week that 2 people got in touch to nominate him for a Community Star. We focused on the one from Austen Dack who frequently visits Ian’s quiz at The Minster on a Thursday.

On nominating Ian, Austen wrote, ” I only met Ian a few months ago. From what he has told me he has had a bad time of it over the last few years. In recent times he and his dog Lola have become known as the quiz masters in and around Ely pubs. With the little reward, Ian delivers fantastic nights and deserves a community star. I attend the Thursday quiz at the Minster Tavern.”

Ian still maintains his social media presence and offers advice to anyone needing it, but on a much smaller scale although he still has over 35,000 followers on the various platforms.

He also gave up his time to run the SpeedQuiz for Ely Foodbank at Riverside Bar & Kitchen where over £800 was raised to help other families in need across the region.

And so for being known as “Ely’s Best Quizmaster”, your latest Community Star is Ian McKendrick

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