Reopening of Ted Coney’s Family Portraits

Ted Coney’s Family Portraits – Ely’s first pop-up gallery.

The home of local artist, Ted Coney has just opened for the 9th season. Situated on Waterside, it is also the home of artist, Ted Coney and his wife, Hazel.
All Ted’s paintings are about family life and he has been making them for nearly fifty years. Although no work is for sale, visitors are taken on a guided tour which lasts about an hour, and Ted picks out certain paintings on a given theme. Booking is essential as only six people can be taken at one time.

The tour always ends in Ted’s studio, to see the latest work in progress. His current painting, entitled ‘Forget-Me- Nots’ is about five of his elderly relations and the theme is dementia and memory loss. For his research, he travelled to the five East Yorkshire seaside towns that he associated with the five sisters and collected objects to represent each person. He placed the objects in five small suitcases, each labelled as if going on holiday.
To book a tour and find out more go to
Email: or phone 01353 650038
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