Rotary Club of Ely Raft Race Information

The race is on the River Great Ouse by Lavender Green Ely.

The race starts at the line at Lavender Green.

The course runs to a marker buoy opposite the Cutter Inn and returns to the Start Line.

The raft that completes the course in the shortest time is the Winner.


Race Rules

Person power only, no engines etc.
No ramming attempts on other rafts.
No solid objects may be thrown at other rafts.
No attempts to pull competitors off rafts.
The minimum age for crew members is 14 years.
The Crew number is 4, no more no less.
All Crew members must be able to swim.
Every effort should be made to ensure the raft is ‘seaworthy’.
No crew members will be allowed to swim the course.
Any crew member who leaves the river mid-race must report to the Organiser and their raft will be disqualified.
Life Jackets must be worn at all times.
Be aware of other boats on the river!
Boats going down the river should be on the right, those going up river should be on the left.
(The Up River direction from Lavender Green is towards the Cutter Inn).
Do NOT swim for fun. Larger boats cannot see you.
The above rules are due to  Health and Safety concerns and will be adhered to.

Rescue Boat.

If assistance is required from the Rescue Boat you must obey the Captain’s instructions.
DO NOT approach the Rescue Boat at the stern. Severe injury will be sustained if you are in contact with a moving propeller.


The races will take place in groups of 3 rafts at a time, with 5 minutes between each group.

Issue of Race Numbers.

The numbers of the rafts will be entered in each group on a ‘first come first served basis’, as the teams register.
All competitors must register at the Start area before 11 a.m. The race will start at 12.45.


3 minutes before each race the Starter will call out the next group of rafts. The rafts in the group will proceed to the start line and await orders.


READY, STEADY, GO.  Announced by the Starter with a megaphone.


Water is dangerous. Follow the above instructions so that we all have a great day.


All applications must be received by 20 May 2015, Application form can be downloaded by clicking here. Email completed form to


Two cups are awarded. The Winner holds these for the year following the event. The cups are awarded for the Winner and the most Spectacular Raft.

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