Sade's Story

Sade's Story

Sade1Heartbreak & Happiness

On the 13th July 2015 we became parents to our perfect boy, Jack. What should have been the most exciting day of our lives soon turned into the scariest as our new-born was rushed to intensive care. Soon after his birth we were told that he may have a heart condition.

After a two week stay in intensive care at Addenbrookes hospital and many appointments later it was decided our son needed more specialised care and an appointment was booked at GOSH. It was at this hospital appointment we were told that our son had a heart condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy. I will always remember the feeling of utter helplessness and the fear for our son and his future. My husband and I tried to remain positive but you can’t help but fear for the worst, especially when you are told that there is no cure, this can’t be fixed.

Although our friends and family were amazing, I just felt I needed extra support from parents who were having similar experiences. This is when I found a charity that focuses on helping children with cardiomyopathy. They have been incredible and have managed to bring me out of what seemed a very dark hole. They have put me in contact with families that have given me hope and have shown me a new way of living, a new way of normal. When I felt like nobody understood, the charity provided me with people who did! I really don’t know where I would be without the charity.


I get a lot of comments about how you’d never know our son was ill, and I’m sure nobody means offence by it, but it hurts because I know his little heart is working overtime 24/7 allowing him to be here living and completing the most simple of tasks! We won’t really know the effect the condition will have on him until he is a little older and I guess that’s what scares me the most. Though I am sure this charity will support our family through whatever the future holds. We couldn’t ask for a braver happier boy! There aren’t many 6 month olds who don’t cry when having injections or having bloods taken!

I hate feeling so helpless…as a parent you want to fix things, to make things better for your child. I can’t do that for Jack but I can support the charity who’s supporting us.  This is why I’ve decided to organise a charity event to raise money for children with cardiomyopathy. It will be held at the Olive Tree in Ely on the 18th of February from 10am until 12pm. If anybody feels like they would like to help we are looking for donations tea, coffee, art supplies, cakes etc then that would be fantastic. Otherwise just come along and enjoy a family friendly morning with a few stalls and lots of cake! All are welcome, we look forward to seeing you there!

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