Seizure of Class A drugs in Ely

Officers searched an address in Ely today following drugs intelligence suggesting that the house was being used for the consumption of Class A substances.
The house was searched at 1100hrs and substances including crack cocaine and heroin were recovered as well as cannabis.
The volume of substances was consistent with personal possession and a 46 year old woman was subsequently interviewed for the offences at Ely police station.
PC Tom Graves, searching the address said “When we talk to the public they still tell us that drugs crimes are important, and that drugs undermine their communities. Where the intelligence is provided we will take positive action to disrupt the use and supply of illegal drugs in East Cambridgeshire. Class A drugs like Crack Cocaine, Cocaine and Heroin break up families and cause lasting damage to individuals. We target these drugs because they’re dangerous.”
If you have any information regarding the use or supply of controlled drugs in Cambridgeshire, call us on 101, or send us a direct message here.
You can pass information anonymously by contacting CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.

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