Soham Schoolgirl's poignant polar bear video will leave a lump in your throat

Soham Schoolgirl's poignant polar bear video will leave a lump in your throat

Soham schoolgirl Megan Jones’s chilling video about the plight of endangered polar bears will leave a lump in your throat.

The eight-year-old Weatheralls Primary School pupil’s simple but shocking video about the lethal effects of global warming has already become a massive hit online.
Animal-lover and environmentalist Megan spent a while thinking about how to send a message to the world about the effect that climate change was having on polar bears.
Father Gavin Jones said it took her just one day to complete the project, using a smartphone, Plasticine, paper – and the odd help from Dad.

Gavin said: “She has been planning to make posters and distribute them but then just started planning this video after getting a bit of software on her iPad.
“I took her to Ely to buy the things she needed and the next day she began at 9am and didn’t stop till it was done except for dinner.
“She did it all herself, including setting and designing the scenes a couple of days before and every now again she asked to take the odd photo or two.”
“I was gobsmacked when I saw the finished video and she even added the music herself. I couldn’t wait to get it on YouTube and then tweet it everywhere including to Barack Obama, Greenpeace and many other celebrities..”
Proud teacher Julia Stead could not wait to call everyone, including Spotted in Ely, to get as much publicity as possible for this video.
The video, promoting environmental charity Greenpeace, shows the plight of a mummy and baby polar bear, left fighting for their lives after their iceberg homes have melted into the ocean.

Polar Bears are at risk from global warming which is melting the Arctic Sea ice they depend on.

Baby Polar Bear is lost without his family

The video has been shared by Greenpeace, the National Union of Teachers, the World Wildlife Fund and the BBC.
We think it’s amazing!

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