South-African born pianist Neil Hilgrove Colledge will be giving a lunchtime recital at Ely Cathedral

The South-African born pianist Neil Hilgrove Colledge will be giving his 4th lunchtime recital at Ely Cathedral on Thursday May 24th, however this year’s concert date is by far the most significant.
May 24th marks the date of Neil & Alison’s oldest son William’s sixteenth birthday. William has spent most of his life in Littleport and is a pupil at The Highfield Special School in Ely. William suffers from severe learning difficulties, epilepsy & autism but loves swimming & trampolining and has been able to regularly enjoy these activities during his time at Highfields.
William was a pupil at the Addenbrookes Music Therapy Classes of Emilia Oldfield and was featured in published articles and books by her. Neil and Alison’s youngest child Conrad was baptised by The Bishop of Ely.
Neil is a serving member of The Ely Cathedral Business Group. He celebrated his half century with a performance at the Cathedral, dedicated to the singer David Bowie who was one of his musical heroes, and died on the day of his 50th birthday.
The concert (in the south transept) will include music by Brahms, Granados and Franz Liszt. The recital starts at 1:10pm. Entry is by Cathedral Pass.

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