Spotted in Ely Congratulates John Yates

Michelle Brown with Club President John Yates
Michelle Brown with Club President John Yates

Voting has taken place all day and counting has been completed which sees John Yates as the new City Councillor for the North Ward.
Mark Cooney of Spotted in Ely who also stood was the first to congratulate Councillor Yates as he took over 50% of the votes.
Mark said, “John is one of Ely’s good guys, a fantastic Rotarian and he always puts people first and was no surprise to me he won, I always thought he would.
“I have known John a long time and during his time as Mayor was when we both set up the youth forum. John has also asked me for a pint and chat about some of my ideas and the future so hopefully in some way I can still give my input.
“The experience of standing has given me a great insight which will serve me well when and if I do in 2 years”
Councillor Yates will take office from tomorrow.

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