When Spotted in Ely met Arbuckles

When Spotted in Ely met Arbuckles


As we know, from when we announced that Arbuckles is coming to Ely, that many people are excited. Firstly because they are coming to Ely and secondly because they won’t need to make the journey every weekend to one of the busiest restaurants in the UK.

After jumping through many hoops with the development company of the new Ely Leisure Village to prove their worth, John Murphy, founder and owner of the family run business finally got approval to build a second Arbuckles in Ely and he promises it to be spectacular.

Left to Right: Ely Chef Geidrius Buinikus, Arbuckles Owner John Murphy and Ely Restaurant Manager, Hannah Bates
Left to Right: Ely Chef Geidrius Buinikus, Arbuckles Owner John Murphy and Ely Restaurant Manager, Hannah Bates

Over 2 floors the restaurant, which will be alongside the entrance to the cinema, will comprise all the great things we know about the current restaurant in Downham Market but with one difference. Arbuckles Ely was designed from scratch and not extended over and over since the original diner as it’s grown over the years from being a Little Chef.
John is particularly proud that this time they have been able to create their kitchen and make it a slick process meaning people get their food quicker.
We spoke to John at length on Saturday morning where he was happy to show us the final design that will be installed into the new branch. We also got to meet Hannah Bates who has been employed and a manager for 8 1/2 years and Geidrius Buinikus, his chef at the Downham restaurant for over 20 years. These two loyal employees will be moving to the Ely store and when asked why move your 2 most trusted employees, John stated, “I have faith in the other managers and chefs we have here that I want Ely to not feel like a new restaurant when it opens but we need everything to run smoothly from the moment the doors open. We are even training all of the staff here in Downham Market before the Ely branch opens”
[/vc_column_text][vc_gallery interval=”5″ images=”37573,37583,37582,37581,37580,37579,37578,37577,37576,37575,37574″ img_size=”large” onclick=””][vc_column_text]The £1 million pound investment will employ around 50 people and mark another leap in size for Arbuckles. Downham can seat up to 340 people and Ely will house 175.
Murphy is particularly proud of the fact his staff retention is very high and says he treats all his employees like family. “They sometimes leave for pastures new but more often than not return and stay with us. Even my own sons including my twins who are now professional football players at Norwich used to work in washing pots.
“All of our staff get to know all the regulars and we think our restaurant has become very popular not just because the food is great but we have lots of staff to look after everyone and we do not leave any hanging for attention. This will also be same in our Ely store, I originally wanted 30 staff but we have decided to make this nearer 50.”
Arbuckles Ely is due to open in March and you will be able to place your reservations online soon, for seating after March 14th 2017 at arbuckles.biz[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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