Spotted in Ely Magazine

We have recently been getting a lot of requests as to why there has not been another Spotted in Ely magazine over the last couple of months.
The answer is simple, we have been working out how to mass produce the magazine to make it available both online and in print so that it is affordable for everyone.
We have just completed a deal with a printer who can mass produce the magazine to same high quality that we wanted and now this puts us in the marketplace to develop our long term goal.
The magazine will NOT come door to door and nor will it be free for any person wanting a copy. The publication will be available at key locations such as coffee shops, doctors, libraries and other busy public areas to read for free and as always available free to read and download online.
We have always promised and maintain the promise that any profit made from the publication will be given back to local groups and organisations who need help financially. We also promised that youth and those offering us their support by sending articles will be first in line for the funds.
The monthly (currently) magazine will start with 60 pages in A4, full colour and be packed with lots of articles, events and features with issue 4, entitled Aquafest Special, being released on June 26th. Any organisation wanting to publish an article must do so by June 17th.
Our aim is to create a monthly 100 page, special bound edition which will really be a top quality publication for Ely.
Businesses wanting to advertise can do so and a guide to advertising can be downloaded by clicking here.

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