Strangers rush to woman's rescue after poorly dog struggles to walk home

An Ely woman has been touched by the kindness of strangers during a stressful walk along the river today.
Ashley Kay Gifford contacted Spotted in Ely as she never got the chance to properly thank two boatmen who rushed to her aid after one of her dogs felt poorly with a bout of arthritis.
Her basset hound, Buck, struggled to walk home after the riverside stroll.
A man whose boat was moored a short distance away saw Ashley’s distress and came over to give Buck some water.
A friend from another boat then offered to help carry Buck home, Ashley said.
“My lovely friend Lynsey drove to the river to save us and the men helped carried Buck for me and walk my other dog, Bron, to my friend’s car.
“I couldn’t have gotten him back on my own without all three of them helping me.
“I didn’t get a chance to hug the men, but was so grateful.”
In 2013 Ely was named the country’s “kindest city” in a survey.

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