Submerged – An Environmental Exhibition

We’re imagining that the river levels have risen and that the Babylon Gallery has become submerged, in this new exhibition developed by Babylon ARTS.

There is growing awareness of the water management systems and structures that are in place to drain the Fens and manage the waterways. This exhibition is a creative exploration of what it could mean if the water levels rose.

The exhibition will include an underwater installation, information from the ‘Fen Project’ provided by the Environment Agency and poetry from one of the Fenland Poet Laureate Award winners – Kim Allen.

As part of the exhibition we’re asking people to make a fish (or several fish!) to join our ever growing shoal of river creatures swimming through the Gallery. The fish should be made from a plastic drinks bottle, that would otherwise have been recycled. We will be recycling the bottles after the exhibition. We’ve created a guide for how to make your fish – take a look!

This exhibition is funded by City of Ely Council. 

With thanks to DS Smith and Ellgia Recycling for providing materials for the underwater installation and to the Environment Agency for the information and display materials.

Press release from Babylon ARTS

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