Successful Community Yard Sale for Highfield Littleport Academy

Successful Community Yard Sale for Highfield Littleport Academy

On Sunday 9th September, Littleport held a community fundraiser by way of a village wide yard sale.

87 households in Littleport came together, to create one huge yard sale, complete with maps and the best walking routes.

The idea was thought up by a parent group at the new Littleport,  Highfield Academy. To raise some funds, to benefit the students who attend the school.

It was Spearheaded by a lovely lady, Chelsey Marie Meadows. Whom by all accounts did a sterling job, even when her printer decided to give out, during the 11th hour.

There was an entry fee for stall holders and a small fee for the sale of stall location maps.

It was a huge success and attended by many. Some bought, others stopped by for a chat and a purchase. It was great to see so many residents, young and old wandering happily from stall to stall.

Some lovely stories came out from the day. Two stood out for me were: one from a lady who contacted me, Whilst busy at her stall, a man had come by.

After chatting for a while, it transpired that they had gone to school together, many moons ago. But had over the years lost contact. Not any more!

Another was that some under 5’s pocket money had finally run out during the stall visits by them and their accompanying families. One of the children got a bit sad as she really liked the look of something. Seeing the monetary issue, the stall holder gave the item to her. A big smile firmly back on her face.

An awesome total of £129.21 was made for the school and importantly the children.  The money was handed over to Highfield Littleport Academy by 7 year old Bailey Meadows.

Well done all!!


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