Talented Kids host at BabylonArts

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A week long exhibition is currently underway at BabylonARTS down by the riverside highlighting the talented children from schools within East Cambridgeshire.
There are over 100 piece of work on display and they rival most professional adult artists. in total there were 153 entries from 8 schools, Ely St Mary’s, Little Thetford, Sutton, Rackham, Soham Village College, Ely College, Kings School and Highfield School
The competition was to have art work is proudly sponsored by many businesses and the Ely Hereward Rotary Club.
Split over five categories of age, key stage 1 to 5 and first to third awarded in each category, the list of winners are below:

1 Matylda P. Sutton
2 Noah C. Sutton
3 Deegan G. Sutton
1 Noah H. Sutton
2 May M Ely St Mary’s
3 Anna M Little Thetford
1 Ashmin A Ely St Mary’s
2 Corey B. Sutton
3 Ruby R. Sutton
Highly commended Alicia G. Rackham
1 Beth L. Ely College
2 3 GB Highfield
3 Lewis L Ely College
1 Jade J Soham Village College
2 Maisie C Ely College
3 Lewis M. Soham Village College
Highly commended Jade D Ely College
KS5 A Level:
1 Adam M. Kings School
2 Laura E Kings School
3 Peter C. Kings School

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