Talking FreELY: A pop up Cafe in Ely

Talking FreELY: A pop up Cafe in Ely

Mental health problems are as broad ranging as physical ones. Whether you consider your-self to have mental health issues or want to learn more about well-being, everyone is welcome to an event being hosted by local group Talking FreELY on the 1st of July.
In short, Talking FreELY is for anyone. They believe that the more people from all walks of life who are talking about mental health, the better.
The event will be held in the Cathedral Conference Centre and is an opportunity to find out more about Talking FreELY. The event will feature a pop-up cafe, guest speakers, infor-mation on local services and a mindfulness zone. It is free to attend whether it’s for a coffee, a chat with one of the volunteers, to learn some mindfulness techniques or just to browse.
Talking FreELY will announce guest speakers over the coming weeks and you can keep up-to-date though their website and through their Facebook page.
Recently, Prince Harry spoke openly about the mental health issues he faced following the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Talking about mental health issues is often seen as ta-boo, but the Prince’s revelations have been welcomed as a positive step toward tackling stigma and have brought about discussions over the lack of services available to people in the UK.
Local Mental Health Professional, Lisa Buckingham, says ‘Mental health is a spectrum that we are all on at all times. At one end you feel great, at the other, you hit rock bottom, with many stages in-between. It changes on a daily basis, sometimes for no reason.
‘It’s vitally important that people know where they can seek help, and groups like Talking FreELY are essential in empowering people to come forward and talk about how they expe-rience their own mental health in an environment where they feel supported or can share their own experiences to help others’
In any given year, one in four people will experience mental health problems. It’s the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, costing employers an average of £1,035 per person, per year. Equally as concerning is that 95% of people calling in sick through stress give a different reason (
‘The reason that groups like Talking FreELY need to exist is to give people the confidence to speak about their mental well-being, not feel ashamed.’ Says Anthony Sigrist, who leads the group and has himself struggled with mental health issues. ‘We want to bring about change and spread a positive message, that it’s OK to talk about mental health.’
About Talking FreELY
Talking FreELY has been set up to bring about change in attitudes toward mental health on a local level, here in East Cambridgeshire. The vision of the group is simple: A community which promotes mental wellness and empowers those suffering the effects of mental illness to step forward and seek the help they need.

Talking FreELY has been inspired by the national campaign Time to Change, which was set up in in 2007 and aims to end mental health discrimination. Led by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, the movement has already impacted on millions across the country.
Keep up-to-date with Talking FreELY on Facebook, Twitter and the website.
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