The Folk Festival Parade WILL Take Place As Per Tradition

The Folk Festival Parade WILL Take Place As Per Tradition

East Cambridgeshire District Council has sent out a joint press release to say that the threatened Folk Festival Parade will go ahead on its normal route following a meeting between the organisers and officers of the council today.

In a press release, East Cambs said, “Following a very successful meeting between the council and Ely Folk Festival, we are pleased to confirm that all concerns have been addressed and a managed procession will take place using the traditional route in harmony with the Farmer’s Market and Craft Market. The festival is steeped in history and the procession is a central part of the event. By working together, we have been able to reach a positive outcome with which all parties are satisfied. We look forward to a well-managed, safe, fun-filled weekend for all to enjoy and this continues in the future.” 

Thousands of you took to Spotted in Ely to cast your vote as to whether the parade should remain as tradition dictates and 97% of Elysians agreed it should.

The parade will take place on July 13th.

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