The Morris Parade of 2019 is a Local Success Story

The Morris Parade of 2019 is a Local Success Story

Morris Dancers from across the UK descended into the City of Ely on Saturday to carry out their annual parade which drew hundreds of locals for the colourful and delightful dancing and music.

The parade, part of the Ely Folk Festival almost didn’t happen when a call from a small group of people asked for it to be scrapped but thankfully, Ely as a whole came forward when more 4,000 people voted to keep the parade. Their feelings are known that the parade is welcome this year and for every year to come.

A meeting between the folk festival committee and the Market Team at ECDC resolved any issues.

The parade was led by Mayor Michael Rouse and had around 15 troops.

Some market traders and independent stores reported they had an incredible and busy day of trading since the parade started at 11am.

See our gallery below and feel free to add your own memories on our Facebook page. If you didn’t get to watch the Live video, its now below. Enjoy

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