There's a new sheriff in Town – Meet Dyson the Wonder Dog

There's a new sheriff in Town – Meet Dyson the Wonder Dog

Just lately we have seen an increase in pets becoming local celebrities, including Garfield AKA Mr Sainsbury’s and Alfie who does tricks for treats.

Dyson the SheriffWell now meet Dyson the Wonder Bulldog.

Dyson, formally known as Billy appeared on Paul O’Gradys, “For the Love of Dogs” TV show where owners Steve and Ali immediately fell in love and applied to become his owner and were successful.
The couple from Ely are no strangers to Bulldogs as they also own Messi, a now elderly bulldog with terrific temperament and by claiming the now renamed Dyson has bred new life in to the family.
The aptly named pet loves nothing more than scrounging for treats, messing about in the park, watching his favourite team West Ham and dressing up!!!

Dyson isn't happy about the disallowed goal
Dyson isn’t happy about the disallowed goal

Although the full story of Dyson is not known before being at the rescue centre, he was under nourished and unhappy but now he brings joy and fun wherever he wonders.
Steve has even set up a Facebook page to show off how proud they are of the new addition and hope the page will help everyone realise that their is always hope for dogs and how much joy they can bring to anyone. Dyson is also in training to be the Wonder Dog they hope he can be.
You can follow Dyson and his new best friend Messi on his Facebook page:

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