Twinkle twinkle little star, how many shapes in Ely Cathedral do you think there are?

If you live in East Cambridgeshire, chances are you’ve visited Ely Cathedral many times.

But have you ever noticed how many different shapes there are inside the iconic Ship of the Fens?

Youngsters from Rainbow Pre-School in Ely got to explore twinkly stars, rings-a-roses and even octagons, squares, triangles, spirals and crosses when they went on a shape trail at Ely Cathedral today.
The Cubs group spent the morning at the cathedral, while the oldest Tigers group visited this afternoon.
Children had a chance to explore different parts of the cathedral to locate shapes of all types and sizes along the tiled floor, arched columns, pillars – and even along the ceilings!
They danced ring-a-ring-o-roses around circular tiles and took a look at the Nineteenth Century labyrinth below the West Tower, as well as learning that like many churches, the cathedral itself is built in the shape of a cross.
They used different shaped stickers collected throughout the tour to make decorated craft pieces before sitting down to hear a shape-related story.

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