Want to watch films before anyone else? Work for Cineworld

Want to watch films before anyone else? Work for Cineworld

Saturday saw hundreds of hopefuls enter the Maltings to find a new career opportunity.

Staff and managers from various established Cineworlds, including Stevenage and Braintree, were shipped into Ely to help promote working for the large cinema chain.
Cineworld is looking for new “Team Members” to join their opening branch at Ely’s Leisure Village in May and you can apply now. Employees of Cineworld will enjoy great benefits including seeing films before general release, 28 days holiday, childcare vouchers, healthcare and pensions.
Cineworld also needs Supervisors but Matt Shaw, General Manager of Cineworld Ely said, “Supervisors will be recruited from the 30 team members we need to recruit”.
The company also host in-house competitions where you can win great prizes. All to promote healthy competition and achieve the best customer care.
You can apply online until March 22nd by visiting: https://www.cineworld.co.uk/careers
The £16 million Leisure Village is now nearing completion. Arbuckles has already opened and McDonalds and KFC are soon to follow with Cineworld opening its doors in May.

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