Wanted: people to help set up a Happy Cafe in Ely

Hands up if you want to be happier!

Local woman Kathryn Pearcey is looking at setting up a Happy Cafe in Ely for people to chat, share resources and promote a more fulfilling way to live, based on Action for Happiness, a scheme patronised by the Dalai Lama.

Kathryn told Spotted in Ely: “Ely is already a wonderful place to live, but I’m not aware of anything available quite like this.”
Action for Happiness aims to create a “happier society for everybody by inspiring people to take practical action to create more happiness for themselves and others.”

Kathryn hopes to meet with other like-minded people with the long-term goal of finding a local cafe in which to regularly meet up in and discuss ideas.
“I feel there is huge potential for providing such a self-help service to the people of Ely and that it could help many people to lead happier lives.
“The resources provided through Action for Happiness are well-researched, scientifically based and supported by many eminent people.”
The first Happy Cafe was set up in Brighton, followed by a similar scheme in East London.

There are now over 20 cafés in the UK and around the world – the nearest being at Point 33 on Newmarket’s High Street – and Kathryn hopes that Ely may also eventually feature on the list.
The ethos behind the moment is to create a “happier and more caring society” for everyone, regardless of background or beliefs.
The group hopes more people will get involved with doing charity work or getting involved in their communities.
Its website says: “We want to see a fundamentally different way of life – where people care less about what they can get just for themselves and more about the happiness of others.”

Action for Happiness suggests 10 Keys to Happier Living, based on psychological research.
These are: doing things for others; connecting with people; taking care of your body; living life mindfully; learning new things; having goals to look forward to; finding ways to bounce back during times of difficulty; being positive; self acceptance; and having meaning and purpose in life by being part of something bigger.
For more information about Action For Happiness click here.
Anyone interested in helping to set up a Happy Cafe in Ely can email Kathryn at Ktidewaygrubbin@aol.com.

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