Weather battered Ely with torrential downpour

Weather battered Ely with torrential downpour

Over 40mm of rain descended on Ely and surrounding villages within a very short period of time on Friday causing chaos on the roads.
Flood reports poured on to the Spotted in Ely page with Police closing some roads around as the wake from vehicles were causing houses to take in water.
The first road to close was St John’s Road. Even the manager of the local One Stop shop was called in to try and prevent water from entering the premises.
Flooding happened at the Station with the deepest area being under the bridge. Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s found themselves with up to 8 inches at some point.
Main roads were forced to temporarily shut down during rush hour. The A14 was unpassable for about 30 mins causing tailbacks as well as the A142.
The weather even caused havoc with the railway barrier in Ely as that was down for over 20 minutes later in the evening.
See the gallery of floods sent in by keen Spotted in fans.

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