What is Dubford?

What is Dubford?

What is Dubford? it’s a meeting of VW owners, “dub”, that met at Duxford “ford” the rest as they say is history!!
Essex has T.O.M.I.E, Suffolk has RetroDubs, Norfolk has Whitenoise, Dubs at the Hall, what does Cambridgeshire have, that was a question that was asked in The Fox car park at Bar Hill one Saturday afternoon at a Cambs Transporters meet, to which I said “let’s ask Duxford if we can go there, they have car meets” so we started the ball rolling, we visited other club meets in East Anglian, mostly held in pub car parks, but a warm welcome was received, including a “quick” visit to a meet by the Essex T4/T5/T6 Forum on a Thursday evening down at Borehamwood, we decided to go down and spread the word with a quick hello, hand out to flyers and come away, little did we know that at 10:30pm we’d still be there, chatting away and swapping stories, this is what VW life is like, that’s why we all wave to each other on the road.
In April 2014, the first Dubford took place, we set up and waited, will people come ?, was one of the question we asked as the grey clouds were overhead, at 9:30 VWs started to queue to get in and parked, as long as we got over 50 vehicles, we could be classed at a “car show” in the eyes of Duxford, we doubled that in the first year, including some from the Isle of Wright, Somerset and Lancashire, including a star of the Channel 5 TV programme, Eddie Stobart Trucks & Trailers, Tim Fox, in May 2015 we gave it another go, and people came, more people came, in 2016 we kept the same weekend, we marketed the show at over shows, big show on the scene, Volkswold, Stanford Hall, Brighton Breeze, the marketing worked over 1000 people basked in the sunshine, we introduced traders for the first year, the only downside of the year was the planned flypast of the BoBMF’s Lancaster, but the aircraft had to withdraw due to technical issues.
2017 saw the show come under the banner of the “No Hurry Dub Club”, a club of VW owners in the Ely area, again the crowds came, as the day started overcast and chilling wind, but people still came, and as the museum closed at 6pm the final visitors departed the parking area after a full day of dubs and planes, again people came, new clubs came out and visited for first time.
For 2017, we’d like to Thank VW Lovers, Chubby Dubs, NSA Autos, Herts Insurance Company and VW Route 76 for sponsoring this year Show & Shine.
For 2018, watch this space, as we’d like to bring a smaller scale event to Ely, bring visitors into the City
For more details about the No Hurry Dub Club please find us on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/649136381905631/ and for Dubford, https://www.facebook.com/Dubford/


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