What we'd like people to remember about ME

What we'd like people to remember about ME

What we’d like people to remember about M.E
How tiring the simplest things can be…
The things healthy people take for granted, Showering, eating, cooking, even getting out of bed, or having company round – having to be a conversationalist may seem like an easy task to most, but the amount of thinking, talking, and focus you need to do these things are EXTREMELY exhausting for someone suffering with M.E. We get payback for everything we do…We HAVE to pace ourselves, rest as often as possible, because the smallest things can leave us in pain, or completely drained for days afterwards.
We still care about our friends…Cat If you think thats hard to say
Just because we cancel plans, we’re not messaging, calling or facebooking all the time, we’re laying on the sofa when you visit – it’s not that we don’t care, and we’re not being lazy. We suffer from ‘brain fog’ (confusion/memory loss) so please, do send a message, we really do want to hear from you.
Our symptoms really can just hit us…
One second we can seem ok, and the next we can be in agony, or falling asleep. We’re not faking it, it really does happen that quickly!
We need understanding not scepticism…
These are not fake symptoms, we aren’t doing this for attention, we really are suffering, we may look OK on the outside, but on the inside we’re not OK. A little understanding and consideration can go a long way. Nobody would choose to live like this.
Our homes aren’t spotless…
Yes really! Sorry, but we really do not have the energy, or the pain threshold to scrub, polish, vacuum, wipe, and dust everything as often as we would like to. It’s just not that easy. So please don’t judge.
We can get INCREDIBLY lonely…
M.E is a poorly understood illness, and it pushes many people away because they don’t understand. We need company as much as everyone else, it might be hard for us to communicate sometimes, but now and again all we need is someone to sit quietly with, watch a movie with. We really appreciate little things like that.
The Ely ME Support Group – Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/ElyMESupportGroup

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