Where do all those 5p's go when you buy a carrier from Tesco

Where do all those 5p's go when you buy a carrier from Tesco

From Left to Right: Kevan, Emma, Reece and Ian
From Left to Right: Kevan, Emma, Reece and Ian

Tesco Ely this week have become the latest recipient to give away £30,000 to local good causes in their “Bags of Help” scheme. The multi-national company created the scheme after the Government passed the law that 5p will be charged on carrier bags last year.
The new law meant that no large organisation could give away carrier bags and hoped this would reduce landfill of materials that take a long time to decay. However the Government wanted to help charities with the scheme and now all retailers are responsible for passing any proceeds from sales of carriers to good causes.
Tesco have decided not to give it to one big charity but split the money up between local communities and this is where the public get to decide.
Making any purchase from a participating store means you get a red token and at the exit of the Ely store on Angel Drive you can put your token to any of the chosen 3 causes in the area. Those causes on this occasion are:

  • Allotment Site Improvements – Updating the allotment space will improve accessibility and encourage the community to enjoy physical activity and promote healthier lifestyle
  • Little Downham Zipwire – Installation of a zipwire that will give the children a new and exciting way to play and
  • Vegetable Plot and Seating Area – Developing the outdoor growing and teaching area, giving children new and stimulating ways to learn about nature at the Shade Pre-School.

Each cause will receive a minimum of £8,000 regardless but first place will get an extra £4,000 and second an extra £2,000.
Speaking to Ian Westwood, Deputy Manager of the store. “The token scheme is for the local community and can encompass many stores however Ely is lucky in that in our area there are not many Tescos so it will really benefit 3 local schemes each time we are chosen. Bags of Help should come to us quite often and you only need to buy a 10p flump if you want to nominate your favourite cause”
Unlike other token schemes, this is only short term. The closing date is next Sunday 6th March with the winner being announced soon after.

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