What will a New Mayor mean for Cambridgeshire? BBC Tour Bus comes to Ely to explain

What will a New Mayor mean for Cambridgeshire? BBC Tour Bus comes to Ely to explain

Are you like many and don’t understand why Cambridgeshire needs a mayor?

Tomorrow the BBC Tour Bus comes to Market Square in Ely 11 am to help you understand.
Onboard the bus will be lots of information for you to make an informed decision about the Mayoral Candidates, one of which will be put in charge of the £800 million pounds budget that comes with the office.
The money will be used to build homes, create new skills, build a better transport infrastructure and build a better economy.

There are 7 candidates, in alphabetical order:

Paul Bullen, United Kingdom Independence Party.

Cllr Bullen is the UKIP leader for Cambridgeshire County Council and local councillor for St Ives.

Rod Cantrill, Liberal Democrat.

Cllr Cantrill represents Newnham for Cambridgeshire County Council

Peter Dawe, Independent

Mr Dawe is a local social entrepreneur.

Stephen Goldspink, English Democrat

Former Cllr Goldspink represented Peterborough as a city councillor.

Julie Howell, Green Party

Cllr Howell is the current co-leader of Peterborough Green Party and represents the parish council of Orton.

James Palmer, Conservative.

Cllr Palmer is the current leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council.

Kevin Price, Labour

Cllr Price is the representative of Kings Hedges for Cambridge City Council and is also the deputy leader of Cambridge City.
All candidates have been requested to attend Ely’s Husking on April 6th at Ely Cathedral.

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