Witchford College Kick-Ash, a message to everyone that Smoking Kills

Witchford College Kick-Ash, a message to everyone that Smoking Kills

As part of their Kick-Ash programme, Witchford Village College Kick-Ash Mentors were invited to participate in a graffiti project at Witcham Village Hall on Saturday 21st January 2017. Mentors from all ten Kick-Ash participating schools across Cambridgeshire are invited to participate in the 2017 Kick Ash Graffiti Event.

The day was run by Kick-Ash staff and James from ImageSkool who specialises in graffiti workshops. The workshop gave the mentors an opportunity to get creative and express themselves in a fun and relaxed environment. The mentors engaged in a practical introduction to graff-art techniques such as sketching, spray-painting, stencilling and recycling but then mentors themselves were able to create artwork for themselves, with guidance from the ImageSkool team. Witchford mentors will be able to take their completed canvas back to their respective schools to display, once they have been used to help promote young people being proud to be smokefree through the Kick-Ash organisation.

The artwork produced by Witchford Mentors, gave a powerful No Smoking message and Kick-Ash staff and James were impressed by their creativity and with the professional way they conducted themselves whilst attending this project. Kick-Ash plan is to display the canvas’s centrally for No Smoking Day, 8 March 2017 as together all the images created will hopefully encourage people to think about giving up smoking and become healthier for 2017.

For further information, pictures and to view a video of the event  please visit the Kick-Ash website http://www.kickash.org.uk/  

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