Working together to showcase local businesses to the community

You might have seen advertorials on Spotted in Ely (SiE) for a while now and they’re growing in popularity.

An advertorial is a great way for a company to share what they do with their local community and for people to find out what’s available to them on their doorstep.

Spotted in Ely have partnered with Dot to Dot Business Development to help more businesses take advantage of this, with an exclusive offer. Dot to Dot will plan and write advertorials and businesses can take advantage of a special discounted advertising rate when booking a series over a month or even a year.

Dot to Dot Business Development specialises in helping small businesses to grow and are delighted to be working alongside Spotted in Ely. Carly Mason, of Dot to Dot said ‘Advertorials are a great way to join the dots between a business and a consumer. Working with SiE on advertorials means that we can help people to find things locally and to help local businesses thrive and showcase the very best of what they offer.’

But what is an advertorial?

An advertorial is a paid advertisement which is written in the style of an article. Spotted in Ely always make sure an advertorial is clearly marked, so you can decide whether it’s of interest to you
or not.

We’ve got some amazing businesses in Ely who are proud of what they do, and rightly so! An advertorial means they can share more about what they do, giving them a forum to reach the wider community without being limited to a small advert.

You can think of an advertorial a bit like a blog post – a chance for a business to tell the world what they’re up to and where they’re going next.

I run a local business, tell me more!

Mark Cooney, editor of Spotted in Ely says “Advertorials are the way forward. Plain graphics on a piece of paper just does not cut the mustard for advertisers any more and we are inundated with adverts already on our social media platforms so we have to be different. We’ve already enjoyed huge success with companies like Ely City Golf Club and 11A to see that advertorials work.”

The exclusive offer gives you two advertorials per month as well as listings on the SiE business directory. All this, for the low monthly fee of £149, if you are planning month to month or just £99 if
you sign up for 12 months. Dot to dot will help you to plan your advertorials and will take care of writing them for you. You’ll get the final say, of course, all content is yours also.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, you can either contact Mark at Spotted in Ely on 07778576470 or email

What other services to do Spotted in Ely offer businesses?

SiE is massive now in Ely, a household name many would say and the first port of call for news and events. Over the past 5 years, we have worked on building our portfolio of services including our very successful jobs page which still offers the biggest platform for finding new team members in the local area. We also do video and photography work with our partner Inyoni Productions Ltd which can be used to make more impact on your advertorials and social media.

Spotted in Ely is trying to make your marketing needs affordable while trying to cover its own costs on a monthly basis.

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