Editor Blog regarding post about Forehill

I wrote a piece yesterday about Chaos on Forehill. While I do not regret writing it as it was, especially after a bus got stuck trying to turn, I do feel the context of the article got taken out of hand.

I have to admit I was taking historical facts into consideration and not the facts of the day.
The picture showed vehicles parked on both sides of Forehill and I concentrated on those parked on the left side as we look up the hill and not of those on the right.
Historically those who park on the left are those of blue badge holders and they are always considered obstructions on a tight road. However I never expected two individuals to start calling me anti disabled and sensationalist.
The vehicles on the right, one of which appears to be half on the kerb also caused an obstruction at the busy part of the city and is clearly part of the problem.
For the record, I am not anti-disabled in the slightest and I know disability comes in many forms, so many I wouldn’t know where to begin. I myself could get a disabled blue badge for a shoulder injury I sustained in 1991 which see me often in pain but I choose not to as I feel I can get around without major issues. This isn’t saying I’m a hero for not doing so, this is me saying it isn’t necessary for me to do it and someone more in need could have it.
The problem I feel lies within Forehill itself and the policing of our local authority and I plan to take this up during the next week where I shall personally write to each city, district and county councillor involved with the relevant departments.
Ely itself is missing parking wardens. We have private sector wardens for the car parks but not public sector ones for the roads.
I apologise for any offence caused and it certainly was not my intention to discriminate however there was chaos yet again and something has to be done, sooner rather than later before an accident or something fatal happens on that stretch of highway.
All I ask is people parking give consideration to the rules stated in the article and please try to find safer alternative parking where possible, after all one hazard created is getting out of your car on the busy road.
Spotted in Ely is very proud to support member groups and organisations from a diverse range of people and will continue to do so in every way we possibly can.
Have a safe weekend and half term

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